Programmi Allenamento indoor rowingProgrammi Allenamento indoor rowing
Find out our workshops to improve rowing skills and confidence of your clients with indoor rowing.
Discover our rowing camps for coaches and learn indoor rowing programming and technique to take you athletes to another level.
Programmi Allenamento indoor rowingProgrammi Allenamento indoor rowing
Subscribe to one of our training programs and let our cosch help you pursue your goals.

Rowingmasters provides indoor rowing workshops, rowing camps and training programs for any level of athlete and fitness coach to improve their rowing skills.


Rowingmasters is a project born with a very specific mission: helping people get the most out of their rowing machine and consequently, from themselves.
If you are looking for someone to teach you how to master your rowing and everything is connected, you are in the right place. 

Whether you are a professional fitness coach or a fitness enthusiast, learning proper technique of indoor rowing leads you to manage your energy during your training session and to achieve high levels of performance with less exertion. And of course, fun is included.

Whatever your athletic level or physical condition or even just if you want to learn more about rowing to help your gym clients improve, we definitely have something for you and contribute significantly to your success as an athlete, coach or fitness enthusiast.


Rowing is a complete exercise using all major muscles groups, provides aerobic conditioning as well as strength conditioning, is a great calories burner and a smart way to keep fit. Rowing also offers many options as you can row indoors or out, on water or on land, competitively or recreationally, intensely or easily, alone or with others and can be integrated in any kind of WOD. Rowing is also a totally inclusive sports and can really be practiced by everyone, without exclusions.

Rowingmasters is a collective of top level experienced coaches and competitive athletes led by passion, who can truly lead you to make a difference. Rowing, passion and fun is our motto and the belief on which all the Rowingmasters project is developed. 

Are you ready to start you journey and having fun whit your rowing machine?


Programmi Allenamento indoor rowing

Workshops in your gym

Help your members improve their rowing technique adn easily face any WOD with rowing inside. We have set uo an effective one-day small group workshop to be held in your gym.

Programmi Allenamento indoor rowing

Camps for trainers

As a trainer you can learn hwo to teach and program rowing in your WODs with this advanced course held by Olympic-level coaches at the iconic Gavirate Rowing Club on the Varese Lake.

Programmi Allenamento indoor rowing

Training Programs

Improve your fitness level and your performance with the help of our personalized training programs and a coach who will follow you day after day, helping you to reach your goals.


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